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SBEMIS is an Educational Management Information System (EMIS) designed to electrinically collect and report data on education system such as schools, students, parents, teachers and any other relevant educational data for the purpose of monitoring and tracking the impact and effectiveness of educational operations.

It is used by education ministries/departments, NGOs, researchers, donors and other education stakeholders for planning, monitoring, and policy decision-making.

Is SBEMIS Secure?

The SBEMIS application has been designed with a detailed security architecture. Our cloud based servers are located in world class, highly secure and fully redundant data center located in multiple countries.

What Data Is In SBEMIS?

Students (Number, area, time, period, age, sex, grade, etc)
Schools (number, area, infrastructure, etc)
Staff (number, school, grade, sex, qualification, etc)
Financial Data

It also integrate a number of data sources external to the education system, such as census data.


Result Management
Course Management
Account Management
Facility Management
Student Management
Parent Management
Library Management
School Management
Staff Management